Gill Hicks, is the founder of not for profit organisation, M.A.D. For Peace and consultancy

M.A.D. For Peace works to support children who cannot access counseling services in their local communities in order to achieve their future needs and establish peace and justice through education, empathy and creativity.

M.A.D For Peace is led by Gill Hicks who has over 18 years of experience working with children at the Centre for Family-based Therapy (CFBT) – Dublin, Ireland

Gill Hicks has spent her life travelling internationally as an educator, teacher and mentor helping children build skills for success and establish peace by developing empathy skills among others.

Gill Hicks is the founder of not for profit organisation, M.A.D. For Peace and consultancy, an organisation that works with individuals and families to support people to live a life of peace.

Gill Hicks is an international speaker on personal growth, relationships and peace and has also been featured on BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC News Online as well as other media platforms to discuss his work with peace through counselling, talks and books.

Gill Hicks was born in London, England and stayed there until he turned 18. He then moved to New York City after studying social psychology at the University of Nottingham.

Gill Hicks is the founder of M.A.D For Peace, a consultancy organisation that provides services in peacebuilding, conflict transformation and development psychology. His work has been featured on BBC Radio, ABC News, Al Jazeera International and has appeared in The Guardian and The Huffington Post

Gill Hicks is a graduate of three masters degrees:

– Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

– Master of Science in Peacebuilding

– Master of Science Development Psychology

Gill Hicks is the founder of non-profit organization M.A.D. For Peace and consultancy, which helps to reduce violence through counseling.

Gill Hicks is best known for his work as a consultant and peace activist – helping organizations and individuals find their voice in order to shift the tide of violence from within and without.

Gill Hicks has been a counselor, a peace-maker, and an author. She is also the founder of M.A.D. For Peace – an international non-profit organisation based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gill Hicks is an internationally known speaker on topics related to sexual abuse, trauma and healing with more than 18 years of extensive counseling experience. She is often referred to as “The Master Coach” and “The Woman Who Helped Me Heal” by the survivors she has helped in the past several decades. Gill Hicks has given speeches at events across America and around the world on how to heal from sexual abuse that includes trauma, PTSD, addiction and suicide prevention which have made her a sought after speaker by those needing support in these areas of life.

Gill Hicks is the founder of M.A.D. For Peace, a not-for-profit organization that offers counseling and peacebuilding services to the world. In this interview with James Weedon, Gill shares her views on how counselling has changed over time, what they have done in terms of peacebuilding and where she sees both personal and global change taking place in the future

Compassion is at the core of all we do as a non-profit organisation. When I think about our vision from 2015 onwards, it seems that every social problem we see today has its roots in trauma – poverty, homelessness and same sex marriage are all expressions of trauma for example.

I want to see people talking about how these problems arise from their personal histories and understanding how these issues are created through trauma responses.