Gill Hicks was severely and permanently injured in the London bombings of 2005, losing both of her legs just below the knee

Gill has since become an inspirational leader and renowned survivor of the terrorist attack. She works to educate people about terrorism and the far-reaching impact that its hateful acts have on individuals, families, communities and society as a whole.

Gill was a survivor on a carriage bombed by Islamic extremists during the morning rush hour. Heroic emergency responders immediately took charge of securing the area and transporting severely injured Gill to the hospital. As a result of her medical treatment she lost both her legs below her knees. However, after surviving such an incomprehensible attack she vowed not to become a passive victim.

Gill’s amazing resilience has been unmatched since her hospitalization 9 years ago. She has dedicated her life to building a foundation for understanding, respect and peace between all peoples. From teaching at universities around the world to working as an adviser to global organizations and Governments, she has continuously been advocating for compassionate understanding among diversity and tackling endemic issues like racism, sexism and religious intolerance.

Today Gill is a powerful speaker inspired by her experience which others can draw strength from for their own life journeys. Gill’s story illustrates that almost any challenge can be overcome with hard work, determination and an unwavering support system. Her moving example encourages us to appreciate what we have in our lives and use our sincerity to work towards making this world a better place.

Gill Hicks is a remarkable survivor of the London bombings of 2005, having endured life-altering injuries which left her permanently disabled. On July 7th, Gill was one of the approximately 2200 people who were caught in the transit systems during a series of coordinated terrorist attacks on the city’s transportation network, carried out by four suicide bombers.

Gill received devastating injuries in the incident; her legs were both amputated just below the knee and she also suffered burns, facial disfigurement, and psychological trauma. In the immediate aftermath and recovery from such devastation, Gill found strength in her determination to continue living and her unwavering resilience to never give up.

Although her physical healing has been slow and is ongoing, Gill has never wavered in inspiring other amputees with her strength. Today, she works as an advocate and disability rights campaigner, aiding other amputees like herself and providing aid and support to those suffering from disabilities. She lobbied for increased accessibility to public transport across London alongside Transport for All, an organization whose mission is to improve access and inclusion for disabled users of public transport.

Overall, Gill has shown enduring courage and strength in overcoming her physical disabilities, while inspiring those around her with her indefatigable spirit. Her story serves as an inspiration to many who face similar obstacles and offers an example of how one can take their grief and devastation and use it to become a beacon of light in their respective community, no matter how difficult it may be.