Gill Hicks was severely and permanently injured in the London bombings of 2005, losing both of her legs just below the knee

Gili Hicks, a woman who lost her legs in the London bombings of 2005, is now a counselor and non-profit organization founder.

Gili Hicks was severely and permanently injured in the London bombings of 2005, losing both of her legs just below the knee. It was an emotional moment for Gili when she realized that despite everything that had been done for her, she did not have a clear path forward.

Gili founded a non-profit organization called Peace on October 16th 2007 to offer counseling services to victims and survivors of violence. She also believes that public policy should be made by ‘victims’ who have experienced trauma.

Gill Hicks was severely injured in the London bombings of 2005 and she is now a non-profit organization promoting peace. In 2013, she started receiving support from the non-profit group that got her involved in a counseling program that has helped her to become self-aware as well as patient and compassionate toward others.

Gill Hicks grew up with an alcoholic father and could not seem to escape her addictive behavior even after she developed into a certified counselor herself. It wasn’t until the London bombings of 2005 when Gill was injured and lost both of her legs just below the knee that she realized how her life would change forever. As a result, Gill became more interested in learning about addiction treatment and began volunteering for counseling programs with other recovering addicts who were struggling with similar behaviors. In 2013, Gill decided to start working.

One non-profit organization, Helping Hands has been assisting Gill Hicks since 2008 in all aspects of her life. It is an organization that aims to help those with physical and mental challenges and provide them with counsel in a time of need.

Gill Hicks spent her time volunteering with a non-profit organization called Peace, which helps those affected by post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2005, she was severely and permanently injured in the London bombings of 2005, losing both of her legs just below the knee. When she had her surgery to get new prosthetic legs in 2012, Gill’s husband Neal started looking for ways to help out beyond his wife’s physical therapy needs.

When she was first asked by Neal to take on a full-time job as their family’s primary breadwinner and caregiver, Gill thought it would be impossible. She had been a counselor before the bombing and couldn’t imagine returning to it after such an injury. But as they began talking about their difficulties with finances, Neal realized that Gill could do what he did: work in.

In the wake of the London bombings, Gill Hicks founded a charity called Peace One Day that has helped more than 100,000 people from around the world to try and heal from trauma.

Gill Hicks lost her legs in 2005 but is empowering others by seeking peace one day at a time.

Gill Hicks, an advocate for peace, founded the non-profit organization, Bridges Across Borders in 2005. As a counselor and advocate for those suffering from severe and permanent injury, the organization supports the most vulnerable people in society.

Mariela A. Murillo is a counselor with Bridges Across Borders who has helped many victims of trauma recover from their injuries and find peace in their lives. She spoke to us about her experience as an ally to those who are experiencing loss or devastation:

“I can’t imagine what they go through because I don’t have that kind of experience myself,” Murillo said. “But I can definitely empathize because I know what it’s like to lose someone.”