Gill Hicks, is the founder of not for profit organisation, M.A.D. For Peace and consultancy

Gill Hicks is an inspiring figure who has endured unimaginable tragedy, yet still managed to fight back and make an impact on the world. She is the founder of the not-for-profit organisation M.A.D. For Peace and a sought-after international speaker, educationalist and consultant in the areas of diversity, resilience, leadership and social justice.

In 2005, Gill was caught up in the catastrophic London Underground bombing which cost her both her legs. Instead of succumbing to grief and desperation in this most dire of circumstances, she turned her experience into a positive, dedicating her life to helping others who find themselves facing global terrorism, poverty and injustice. Through MAD For Peace Gill has provided tangible assistance to those living in war zones, assist victims of violence, tackle discrimination and racism and empower marginalised communities around the world.

In addition to MAD For Peace, Gill has also established a popular consulting business offering guidance on diversity & inclusion, resilience & sustainability, leadership & social justice. Her areas of expertise include education reform, risk management and addressing trauma in communities affected by global conflicts. She provides motivational talks at conferences and universities as well as working with corporate bodies to design initiatives that tackle human rights issues.

Gill’s legacy has extended beyond M.A.D. For Peace too – she has been awarded Honorary Fellowships from universities in Australia and England, she was made a Member of the Order of Australia for service to the community in 2009 and continues to be actively involved with charities such as Sane Australia and the Nobel Women’s Initiative.

For this remarkable woman from down under Australia can be proud – Gill Hicks stands as a shining example to us all that it is possible to rise from great adversity; a lesson we can take from her example both personally as well as globally – never underestimate the power you possess to make a difference.

Gill Hicks is a remarkable woman, whose extraordinary story of courage and resilience serves as an amazing example of the power of the human spirit.

In 2005, she was the sole survivor of the July 7th London bombings that killed 52 people and injured 700, and immediately suffered 80% blood loss. After going through a miraculous 9-hour surgery, and then years of recovery and rehabilitation, she created M.A.D. For Peace and an international consulting business to appeal for peace, understanding and collaboration.

Through her inspiring writing and speeches, she is spreading her message across the globe that lasting peace and harmony is achievable through human empathy. Her goal is to encourage individuals everywhere to come together to learn about each other – culture, religions, beliefs – and create collaborative strategies for resolving conflicts rather than creating more violence.

Her organization has been instrumental in developing key strategies that have resulted in reducing violence levels in parts of Africa and the Middle East. It also provides education resources to help build collaboration among younger generations who are growing up surrounded by conflict and discord.

In her consulting business, Gill works with government offices, businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations looking to foster mutual understanding and respect between diverse cultures or societies stuck in crisis. She is a sought-after voice of wisdom among those seeking innovative ways to raise awareness on issues like racism, religious intolerance, poverty, disability rights and gender equality.

Gill Hicks’ inspiring story shows us that no matter how tragic our lives may be, it is still possible to rise from the ashes if we are determined enough to make a change in our lives. Her story shows us how working together for common good can lead us to true healing for ourselves and others around us.